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About PICC


PICC KOREA is a company with a real estate direct investment system in Vietnam.

It is composed of experts in real estate, law, commerce, architecture, and home furnishing, and mainly focuses on overseas investment apartments in Ho Chi Minh City.

We are also working with KOTRA, the Vietnam Trade Representation of the Republic of Korea.

Why PICC KOREA is trusted
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Purchase of real estate for new projects

Public purchase of original cost


Leading banks


Kookmin Bank Myeongdong branch foreign exchange remittance Contract

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Legal and contract advice

Cheongo Law Firm

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HOREA), since the Vietnamese government revised the law in 2015 to allow foreigners to purchase real estate (30% of residential and apartment sales, excluding land), about 1,000 apartments were purchased under the name of a foreigner, it has been announced that there are situations in which the pink book (registration right), which is the final title certificate, cannot be received, and caution is requested.

PICC, a company of trust, specializes in Ho Chi Minh's major apartments constructed by Hung Thinh Construction, a private contractor at the top of Vietnam's construction contract rankings. In addition to sales and rental of apartments, home interior furniture installation, facility management, rental income management, and investment, we manage all fields such as support as a package and provide customized batch services for customers.

PICC Korea Office is a CREDITABLE COMPANY that is receiving solid support from customers through various activities that support the ABC of local living as well as pursuing suitable investment returns from domestic clients with honesty and trust.

PICC KOREA is conducting overseas remittance guidance, legal review, legal document procedures, and sufficient follow-up for legal overseas investment activities based on the advice of Cheongo Law Firm. We hope to get a more stable and resonable return on investment through PICC.

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